Did a little video for "Call Me Back (Disco Edit)" and it is a psychedelic masterpiece. Watch it now!
Without a doubt one of the coolest artists out there just now. Get @Primaverasmusic in your life folks 🎧🎸👌 https://t.co/OUnr1AS0ti
EP is out today. Im super proud of how these songs came out and have some even better ones on the way. Thanks again to @brentulrich and @theyungdrumma for making it slam... Hope u enjoy 💫 (Link in bio to ...
Super excited to announce that I will be playing the legendary @SuperGirlPro this Friday, July 26th, in Oceanside. We will go on at 4:45 and I am stoked to be a part of such a rad event. Come out to...
San Diego friends: I will be playing the @supergirlpro next Friday, July 26th in Oceanside and I’m super excited for it. Going to be a killer time—come out!!
Last single, “Call Me Back (Disco Edit)” is out today. I decided to basically remix my own track and am pretty stoked on it (link in bio). Stay tuned for our show at the end of the month too 💫
Another new song, ‘Give Me All Your Love,’ is out today (link in bio). Also have some shows lined up this summer that I am excited to announce soon 🙏🏼⚡️💎
New song, ‘Find a Way,’ is out today. Special thanks to @brentulrich for making it slam, @theyungdrumma for making it groove so hard, and @courtneygclifford for helping me out with the artwork. Link in bio and hope u enjoy 💫
Put out a new song today and got a wonderful writeup from @mxdwn, who described it as "breezy, nostalgic dream pop perfection." Check it out and stream below!
mxdwn PREMIERE: Primaveras’ “Find A Way” is Breezy, Nostalgic Dream Pop Perfection

Another fun night at the @bellyuptavern. Feeling super stoked/grateful for everyone that came out! Until next time ⚡️🔮 📷: @courtneygclifford
Playing my favorite venue in all of San Diego, the @bellyuptavern, next tuesday (the 16th). Its my first co-headlining show in my hometown and is going to be a blast. Be sure to bring a friend and get your tickets ...
Check out @PrimaverasMusic mesmerizing music video for their track "Can't Undo My Love"!
They're here with Loosen The Noose & Crescent Suns on Tuesday, April 16th!
#Primaveras #LoFi #Rock #BellyUp #LiveMusic #SanDiego #SolanaBeach
‘2am, Chinatown’ live at @bigbadsoundla
Primaveras - "Can't Undo My Love" | watch & buy >
Primaveras – “Can’t Undo My Love”
| @Primaverasmusic @LuckyBirdMedia https://t.co/rggyT3e9W5
One of my favorite stills from the ‘Can’t Undo My Love’ video. Go watch this thing if you haven’t already ⚡️🔮💫
FRIENDS: the video for ‘Can’t Undo My Love’ is out today. I had a blast working with @andykoeger and I am beyond stoked to share it with you all. Check it out via link in bio
Hang up the phone, @Primaverasmusic is LIVE @ the Hi Hat with @slowcaves this SUNDAY DEC 9 →
Slow Caves - Tickets - The Hi Hat - Los Angeles, CA - December 9th, 2018Listening to Slow Caves, one is reminded that being sonically interesting doesn’t mean that a band must sacrifice having old fashioned hooks or pop sensibilities. Danish born brothers, Jakob and Oli https://t.co/7xDpnribfK
Super excited to play @thehihatla this Sunday. Come by and see us live 💫
THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out last night. I was overwhelmed by all the love and support and am blessed to know some truly great people. Until next time ⚡️
Will be playing the wonderful @ERMusicFestival this Saturday at 4:15. Going to be a great time and I hope to see you there ⚡️ https://t.co/12rxO7BTo1
‘Cant Undo My Love’ got featured on @spotify ‘s New Indie Mix alongside a lot of really badass artists. Link in bio if you wanna check it out ⚡️
Hey everyone: I put out a record today. I am super stoked these songs are finally out in the world and I hope u enjoy them 💫. Stream the whole thing below and check out the wonderful review via @PasteMagazine.
Hey everyone: I put out a record today. I was hesitant to put it out because the internet is so oversaturated with new music, but if it makes at least one person stoked then I view it as a success. ...
Will be playing at the @eaglerockmusicfestival on October 6th in LA and we are suuuuper excited. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
I am beyond stoked to announce that @holyghostnyc remixed my song and turned it into a disco masterpiece. Stream it, move your feet, and check out the wonderful writeup now via @magnetic_magazine (link in bio)
I am incredibly stoked to announce that @HolyGhostNYC remixed my song and it is a late-summer disco masterpiece. Stream it and move your feet now via @magnetic_mag:
Premiere: Holy Ghost! Provides End Of Summer Disco With Fresh RemixGet a fresh load of disco with Holy Ghost!'s remix for Primaveras' "Wait Until Dawn."
Stream one of my favorites, “Can’t Undo My Love” today via Billboard. Link in bio
Keep yr. eyes and ears peeled for another tune coming at you this tuesday.
#synth #synthman #boogie #boogienights #blameitontheboogie
New song, “Better Off” out now—streaming link in bio ⚡️
I AM RELEASING A NEW SINGLE NEXT WEEK!! Also, I know this is a bit much, but due to certain unforeseen circumstances I am changing the name of my band for the last time to ‘Primaveras,’ so watch out for ...
Playing a last minute show this thursday at @theotherdoor in north hollywood, come by and have a drink and watch us play—we go on at 11 ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 📷 by @adamandaa
I submitted some tunes for @newlibrarynyc ‘s killer ‘Summer Soundtrack’ Spotify playlist along with @poolcosby, @donnybenet, @flamingosis, and @letherette—head over to @newlibrarynyc for the link 💫
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Any major dude will tell you
Adventures w/Rick pt. 2
"2am, Chinatown" finally broke 200k streams! New remix coming soon 😗 https://t.co/OojISpsptb
Adventures w/Rick pt. 1
Had a blast tracking a new tune the other day with these dudes, can't wait to finally share some new music! https://t.co/V1bnkGhide
It's almost up to 200,000 sping on @spotify! Have you heard "2AM, Chinatown" by @modernhowls yet? https://t.co/uGHmzUfYcR
Had a blast tracking a new tune with these dudes today, can’t wait to start mixing 👐🏼
ICYMI: @daytrotter named @modernhowls one of their Top 100 performances of 2017! See and hear for yourself what all the hype is about...
https://t.co/wvLKW6WuN5 https://t.co/YErqvHMzTd
Greatest record of all time?
📷: @rick.mccaw
Even with a strong dance backbone, Modern Howls (fka @JJaspermusic) are not afraid to do their thing. Just when you think you have their 80's inspired style figured out, "In The Lilacs" comes out of nowhere w/ 90's guitar worship...
Thanks @Starbucks for adding @JJaspermusic to your Coffeehouse Pop @Spotify playlist! "2AM, Chinatown" feels like a double shot to us ☕️☕️ https://t.co/AQZyf6NHS7
Missing @StitchersTV this week? Relive this classic scene from last Monday featuring the grooves of @JJaspermusic!
Look what beauty came in the post today! From @misrarecords its Julian Jasper! ❤️ https://t.co/Ips9kkzHsy
Who's a Fresh Find on @Spotify this week? @JJaspermusic is! Add "2AM, Chinatown" to your favorite playlist! https://t.co/hy2WXZl9Cz